Monday, July 2, 2012

Pitch My Game

Last Thursday, Jérémy and I went to talk about our game at Pitch My Game it's a little event organized by some students at ISART Digital.
The idea is to talk about our project be it a game or something around it (like libraries or frameworks).

So we went there, although our project is super duper young, we decided that it wasn't a bad idea to talk about it early on. We had some cool feedbacks and we met some people that already had some experiences in iOS game development and marketting.

I had 20 min to talk about the Schizoban: about 15 min of presentation and 5min of QnA. I was able to show some of the level of the first version as well as our modest level editor for prototyping.

People got interested in how much time we did it, and the tool we used (Construct 2). We were also able to put the prototype on a computer for people to try it.

Before leaving, we could only witness that it had great success amongst girls :D

(photo by Prelude)

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